Building and Shopfitting

Work with a builder you can trust. Our vast experience across all types of residential and commercial construction means we can tackle any project large or small. Our subsidiary companies specialise in renovations, shop fitting, property maintenance, and electrical and flooring solutions. Depending on your specific needs you will be directed to the ideal contractor for your job that can complete your project on time, within budget and with the highest attention to detail.

Commercial & Domestic Construction, renovation, rectification works & property maintenance
Eximm provide building construction services to Domestic & Commercial Markets, as well as specialise in renovation, rectification and property maintenance works.
Eximm provides shop fitting services including offices, healthcare, retail, hospitality and professional suites. All fitouts are our speciality, each project given the care and attention it deserves, no matter how big or small.
Electrical Services
Eximm provides electrical installation and maintenance services to your home or business.
Flooring Solutions
Eximm provides domestic & commercial flooring installation. Call today to discuss your flooring requirements.
All trades available through to Security Services
Eximm provides trades for all building works such as Carpentry, Electrical, Security, Plumbing, Glazier, Flooring Solutions, Gardening & Landscaping and more.

It takes a lot of work to get your business space ready to serve customers and clients.  Some will need complete and comprehensive office fit-outs, others have to engage professionals who can address rectification issues. 

Or maybe you need a skilled and capable tradesperson who can perform specific services to get you ready.

Regardless of the size and scope of the need, Eximm can help you get your business space prepared. We have earned a solid reputation getting projects done reliably, on time, and on budget.

Take a look at the wide range of services that Eximm can bring to help your office or retail space transform to serve clients and customers. 

Need a Tradesperson? Eximm Can Help

Need electrical work, plumbing, or glazier services performed? Perhaps you need professionals who can construct and finish your floor? You may also need professionals who can create beautiful gardens and maintain your outdoor landscape. Eximm employs a wide array of tradesmen in carpentry, plumbing, and more.. 

Our tradespeople are known for their professionalism. They show up on time, work efficiently, and perform thorough cleanups at the end of each job.

Providing Office Fit-out Services For Your Business Space

You found a great space at the perfect location for your business office. Unfortunately, the space itself does not fit what your business needs. Eximm can provide design and construction services to quickly and efficiently prepare your office to handle your needs.

Our office fit-out crews bring years of experience to the job and consistently work with you to bring your office vision to life. Trust the experienced tradespeople and design team at Eximm to give you an efficient and functional office space, tailored to your needs. 

The Premier Shopfitting Company

No matter how large or small your space is, our shop-fitting services can transform it. Whatever equipment or machinery your retail space requires, Eximm can install. Also, shop-fitting shelves are an excellent way to free up your floor space while providing more vertical room to display items. Our shopfitters can install large and small shelves along with equipment throughout the store with an eye for both efficiency and appearance. 

Require Rectification? Let Eximm Make It Right.

Mistakes get made. Works get completed incorrectly. Your business suffers as a result. What can you do to make it right if the original contractor won’t or can’t?

Our crews can assess the problem, examine your needs, and perform an efficient and effective rectification to provide you with a proper space. Our experienced and capable tradespeople work efficiently and bring the same consistent levels of quality to each job. 

Don’t settle for less than the best results. Trust Eximm to make it right.

Need Your Business Space transformed to how you envision it to be? Contact Eximm today for Building, Shopfitting & Rectification Services.

You may have a large scale job requiring office fit-outs, shopfitting, or rectification, or you may need a skilled and experienced tradesperson to perform a specific task. Regardless of the size of the job, contact Eximm to get the job done right. 

Our staff are ready and willing to answer your questions, address your concerns and set up a consultation to see what we can do for you. We are constantly committed to excellence in service. 

Our office fit-outs, shopfitting, tradework and rectification services are offered throughout South East Queensland & Northern NSW, specialising in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Trust in Eximm’s years of experience to get your office or retail space ready to do business, and contact us today.