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Talent Management


To be industry leaders in Sports Player Management nationwide, renown for to getting the job done for our clients with passion, professionalism & care.


Eximm Sport Management pride ourselves on genuine care & relationships for our clients. We seek the best deals, while supporting off field opportunities to best prepare for life beyond sport.  

As an AFLPA Accredited Player Agent, we are the key stakeholder representing our player to deliver on needs through contract negotiation, marketing opportunities and other off field services.

As a fresh face to AFL Player Management world, we can ensure our clients don’t get lost in the crowd, instead receiving our full attention & focus.


"Sport is a Business. We take care of the business, so you can play Sport"





Eximm were a great help for our association to get grants. They did a lot of the leg work, kept us up to date and they purchased and delivered the goods.

Tahnia Paul

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The Team at Eximm helped us successfully obtain multiple grants for the improvement of our Club to better serve our players, parents and community. Very easy to deal with and happy to help with even the smallest issues. Thank you Eximm and hopefully more success in ...More

The Team at Eximm helped us successfully obtain multiple grants for the improvement of our Club to better serve our players, parents and community. Very easy to deal with and happy to help with even the smallest issues. Thank you Eximm and hopefully more success in the near future.

Andrew Keating

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We understand and appreciate the value of our players and are driven to negotiate the best deal for our clients, to achieve rewarding results. While capitalising on off field athlete management, we engage our additional services to best prepare for life beyond sport.

  • Athlete Wellbeing
    The pillar of our management & main priority in our athletes; recognised through mental health support, IDP’s & family connection. Sport is a high pressure and demanding environment; we understand players are also regular people, and our values drive us to consistently check in & care for our clients.
  • Contract Negotiation
    As an AFLPA Accredited Player Agent, we negotiate the best deals for our clients in every sports contract negotiation process. We understand your profession is to succeed in sport and don’t often have the time or understanding to decipher all aspects of a playing contract. Eximm Sport Management can support in covering all bases to protect your value, while still getting the most out of you as an athlete.
  • Marketing & Ambassador Deals
    We are actively developing relationships with local & national brands to best tell our athlete’s story through sports ambassador and marketing opportunities. Your priority as an athlete is to play sport & be great at it, once you are excelling in your profession, we can engage our established connections to link you with suited products to market.
  • Financial Advice
    Our trusted Financial Group offer guidance on Tax, Mortgage, Financial Planning & Estate planning. Between external life pressures, inexperience, or lack of time in this field, we can aid in referring you to our trusted expert to take care of finances, setting yourself up for the future.
  • Personal Brand Development
    We know how to capitalise on opportunities of athlete brand management – offering support in career planning, education, sports media opportunities, social profile & more. While an everyday athlete’s focus is succeeding in your sport, time in the industry can be short lived. Hence the importance of us as a management service growing your personal brand externally and beyond your sporting career.
  • Legal Advice
    Working closely with our Gold Coast based Law firm, to service any off-field disputes. Our team of experienced experts can assist in this field to prevent any external stress that might disrupt your professional career. 

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What is a Sport Talent Management Company?

A sport talent management company is an organisation that specialises in representing and managing the careers of athletes. They provide a range of services to help athletes maximize their potential, secure contracts, endorsements, and sponsorship deals, and navigate various aspects of their professional journey.

What services does Eximm Sport Talent Management offer?

Eximm Sport talent management offer a variety of services, including contract negotiation, marketing and ambassador opportunities, athlete wellbeing, personal brand development, financial guidance and legal advice.

How can Eximm Sport Talent Management help athletes?

Eximm Sport talent management have extensive experience and networks within the sports industry. We can help athletes by connecting them with opportunities, negotiating contracts, managing their finances, building their personal brand, and providing guidance and support throughout their careers. 

Does Eximm Sport Talent Management only work with professional athletes?

Eximm Sport talent management support athletes at all stages of their sporting careers. While some management companies exclusively focus on professional athletes, we understand the importance of nurturing talent from its early stages. Whether you're an aspiring athlete just starting your sporting journey or a well-established athlete aiming to reach new heights, Eximm Sport provides guidance, resources, and support tailored to your specific needs, supporting in the transition from community to professional sport.

How do I know if I need a sport talent management company?

If you are an athlete seeking to maximize your potential, advance your career, secure endorsement deals, manage your finances, or navigate the complexities of the sports industry, Eximm Sport can provide valuable support and expertise. It's recommended to assess your goals, needs, and current resources to determine if services align with your objectives and how you can be best supported in pathway to the professional environment.  It is important to engage with a sports agent early in your career to establish trust and connection, ensuring you can tap into their services for years to come. 

Are sport talent management companies regulated or accredited?

Sport talent management companies operate within the framework of sports regulations and accreditation processes. At Eximm Sport, we are proud to be an AFL Players Association Accredited Agent, demonstrating our commitment to upholding the highest standards in athlete representation. As we expand into other sports, we diligently follow the specific accreditation requirements to ensure we possess the necessary credentials to effectively represent athletes in contractual agreements. It is important to uphold and maintain the integrity and professionalism required to support athletes on their journey to success. 

Can I be represented as a coach of a sporting team, and at what level do I have to be at?

Sport talent management companies can represent coaches at various levels, including grassroots, regional, and professional levels. The specific level of coaching experience required for representation may vary depending on the company. It is recommended to connect with a sport talent management company early in your coaching career to establish a strong relationship and receive support tailored to your goals. We welcome you to reach out to us to discuss your coaching experience and aspirations, and we will assess how we can assist in advancing your coaching career. 

How do I get in touch with an Eximm Sport Agent?

Reach out to Eximm Sport by EMAIL. Please include a brief background about your sport, your achievements, and your biography. Our dedicated Agent will then directly contact you to arrange a meeting, which may involve the athlete and/or their parents as necessary. 

If you don't see your query here please contact us and will be more than happy to assist you.

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