Security and Fire

We provide specialist residential and commercial security and fire solutions. From supply and installation through to ongoing maintenance packages and 24/7 security monitoring and patrol services, our expert team has the proven track record for delivering efficient, high quality security and fire services that will protect your assets.

Eximm Security and Fire Services

Domestic & Commercial Alarm Systems and Audio/Video Intercom Systems
Eximm provide installation services for Alarm & Audio/Video Intercom Systems and also service existing installed systems.
24/7 Back to base Alarm monitoring
Who’s watching your place when you’re not there? We can. Our state of the art control room accepts incoming signals from your alarm system through normal phone lines and a GSM (mobile phone technology) backup system. This system allows for all armings and disarmings, all alarm activations and regular system tests to be reported directly to us, where our trained operators analyse the information and act accordingly. How we respond is up to you. Whether you would like to go and check yourself or have us dispatch security personnel immediately our system can cater to your needs.
Closed circuit Television (CCTV) Installations
Sometimes just having an alarm fitted does not deter the most determined criminals. Surveillance systems have improved dramatically to enable the client to ensure greater coverage and security of their property. We can install stand alone Digital Video recorders capable of recording hundreds of hours of camera footage from multiple camera sources. If that’s not enough, some of our newer systems can be remotely controlled over the internet and local computer networks.
Fire safety installation & maintenance
Eximm provide installation & maintenance of Fire Safety equipment including Smoke alarms.
PA Installations
Eximm can provide installation of Public Address systems for your business.
Guard Services & Event Security
Our teams of trained, uniformed professionals look out for you and your property when you can’t be there. Whether a random inspection is all that is required, or for more high profile properties a visual deterrent may be called for.
Mobile Patrols & Alarm Responses
Eximm can arrange mobile security guard patrols to patrol your premise at a designated time or as a response to an alarm being triggered.