Investigations & Surveillance

Our fully licensed and specially trained investigators can help you find the answers and information you’re searching for. We maintain the highest integrity and deliver discreet and professional private investigation and surveillance services. Our operatives have the skill-set and cutting edge technology to help with child searches, surveillance, employee checks, spouse integrity checks and much more.

Personal Protection & Private Investigation Services
With the upmost discretion Eximm can assist you with Surveillance, Hidden Cameras, Work Cover Claims, Child Searches, Employee Check, Spouse Integrity Checks & more.
We provide a personalised “hands on” approach to surveillance and liaise closely with our operatives and clients to achieve investigation aims and objectives. We use state of the art video equipment to obtain the visual evidence you need & our licensed operatives are extensively trained to assist you with your surveillance requirements.
Hidden Cameras
Eximm can install small discreet, cameras to watch a large area for signs of movement or access, or more specifically zoom in on a single spot to record more detailed images. Whether it’s at home or the workplace, Eximm has the solution for you.
Work Cover Claim Assistance
Whether you are looking for assistance to filing and receiving a claim with WorkCover or you're trying to catch out that WorkCover cheat, we can help. We have access to all of the required documentation and experience in completing claims on behalf of the employer or the employee. We can point you in the right direction if legal council is required.
Process Serving
We are a Licensed Commercial Agency and hold a current Commercial Agents License enabling us to serve all types of Court and Legal Documents throughout Australia. Our extensive network is able to process serve your documents in a timely, efficient and friendly manner, at very reasonable rates.
Employee Checks
Eximm is a specialist Background Screening Agency with recognised industry experience. Eximm's background screening services help eliminate doubt about the integrity of individuals with whom you intend to deal with. Whether it be a professional business relationship or new staff member, we aim to give you the knowledge to help protect your business interests.
Spouse Integrity Checks
Relationships are difficult to maintain when trust has been broken or sufficient doubt arises from your partners activities or actions. Eximm Investigations can monitor your partners movements and alleged activities, providing Video, photographic and Audio evidence (where possible) to indicate acts of indiscretion.
Personal, Marital and Family Matters
When it comes to the letter of the law, Eximm has the answer. We can assist you with firstly understanding what is legal, what rights you have as an individual or a couple and then assisting in finding legal counsel that will give you the best possible outcome.