Communications, Data & Electrical

Eximm delivers a complete range of data and communications services and products including phone systems, intercoms and integrated data systems for commercial and residential properties. We also provide wholesale distribution, support and hire of TETRA digital two-way radio solutions to users throughout Australasia.

Tetra two way radio supply
Eximm provide wholesale distribution and support of TETRA digital two-way radio solutions to users throughout Australasia.
Distribution of DAMM cellular systems
Eximm provide 'Damm Cellular Systems' digital professional mobile radio communications in both single and multi-node networks.
Pre & post-sales engineering support services
Eximm can provide Pre & Post-Sales Support for Tetra Solutions.
Event communication services
Call Eximm today to discuss your Event Communication requirements and let us tailor a package to suit your needs.
Home integrated systems - Data, phone, C-Bus & TV
Eximm provides integrated services for home data, phone, C-Bus & TV.
Fibre Optic
Eximm provide installation of Fibre Optics to assist with carrying sensitive data over much greater bandwidth without electromagnetic interference.
Telephone & Data
Eximm can install your Telephone & Data requirements for your home or business.
Eximm provide installation services of MATV (Master Antenna Television) to premises streaming multiple TV & FM signals.
Multi Room Audio Systems
Eximm can install Multi Room Audio Systems to your home or business allowing users to listen to and control audio from convenient locations around the home.

Communications, Data, and Electrical 

Your organisation has communications needs, but you do not want other companies’ cookie-cutter solutions. Eximm brings years of experience in assessing organisational needs and meeting them precisely. We know how to apply custom solutions toward solving challenging problems for a variety of organisations.

Whether you need a permanent telephone system, intercom solutions, or special services designed for an event, Eximm represents the clear choice.

A Wide Range of Communication Services for Your Organisation

Eximm offers the best variety of communications systems, fibre optic installation, and electrical services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern NSW. We have earned a reputation for reliable service, durable equipment, and treating each client with the utmost care. 

Our communications and electronic services include:

  • Installation and support of TETRA two-way radio services throughout the Australasia region. This includes both pre and post-sale support.
  • DAMM Cellular Systems mobile and radio-based communications in both single and multi-node networks.
  • Integrated services in data, phone, C-bus, and television for home applications
  • Telephone and data services for residential or commercial use
  • Installation of Master Antenna Television services
  • Phone systems 
  • Multi-room audio systems

We also offer bespoke event communications services for your organisation. We can customise communications services for your concert, conference, seminar, and other types of temporary events. If your facility or event needs security and/or fire protection services, we can help.

Eximm’s Reputation Depends on Superior Customer Service

Our professional, experienced, and fully licensed crews have earned us a great reputation throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Clients appreciate that our crews show up on time, work efficiently, and clean up thoroughly on job completion. Eximm’s entire team regards your satisfaction as our top priority.

We also encourage our clients to reach out at any time during the job with questions and concerns, allowing us to alleviate them quickly. We can provide reliable communications solutions for you and your business.

Reach Out Today in Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland

Organisational success relies on clear communications, both internal and external. Let Eximm ensure that your communications and digital infrastructure works as hard as your team does. 

When you need a telephone, radio, intercom, or other communications solutions, make Eximm your first call. You can reach us by phone at 1300 CALL EXIMM (225 539). We also can take your questions about our services or make an appointment via our convenient contact page.