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An intercom system for property safety will give you and your family or employees peace of mind. By choosing a wireless intercom system for your property, you get an added layer of protection by permitting who can gain entry from inside your premises.
Eximm can offer you the best solution for your needs whether it be an Audio or Video Intercom you require.



Thanks again for all your wonderful help to get my intercom buzzer handset replaced. Adam did a great job and was also super helpful

Radha Residence

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Well what can I say other than how very grateful we are for what your Management, Accounts and, of course, yourself for the consideration and resolution you have given to us. I really thank you for the way you have handled our queries ...More

Well what can I say other than how very grateful we are for what your Management, Accounts and, of course, yourself for the consideration and resolution you have given to us. I really thank you for the way you have handled our queries and the follow up to produce this outcome for us. We are very grateful and happy that we can continue with our monitoring which is a great security for us ‘oldies’.

Margaret Carey

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Would you kindly pass on to Dean my thanks and appreciation for such a comprehensive and detailed report. Very impressive.

Simon Dolphin – Guardian Protective Services

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The integrity and the hard cutover reader upgrade was done professionally and Dean and the boys have done an excellent job to have it all completed in one day and it all went well without any issues.

Khong Lee - Admiralty Towers

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Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system for property safety will give you and your family or employees peace of mind. By choosing a wireless video intercom system for your home, you get an added layer of protection by permitting who can gain entry from inside your premises. 

A wireless video intercom allows for one and two-way communication via video or audio format. This means you can remotely talk to or see whoever is at your gate. Such a setup means taking the guesswork out of guests and stops unwanted or uninvited guests from entering your home. 

Being able to remotely verify visitors, monitor your entrance, and open gates and doors for guests acts as a real-time surveillance system. If you notice someone who looks suspicious or who isn’t meant to be at your home, a video intercom means that you can quickly and discreetly contact local authorities if needed to keep your home safe.

Video intercom systems are also a great deterrent for intruders, acting in a similar way as a CCTV setup. By having an intercom at your gate or entrance, it acts as a fortress-like barrier, making potential intruders reconsider scaling your home and breaking in. 

If you’re looking to increase the security of your home, then Eximm can provide you with the best wireless video intercom and video intercoms in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas including Northern NSW. 

What Are The Benefits Of Video Intercom Systems?

Video intercom systems are an important component of home and business security services. Enabling secure entry into your property protects your assets and your family or employees from potential intruders. Some other benefits of video intercom systems include:

Enhances safety and security: Used in conjunction with a CCTV setup and alarm system, a video intercom system can allow you to instantly identify visitors at your gate/door.

Can be integrated into your other home security systems: You can easily integrate your video intercom with your existing home security setup and use it as another way to monitor the perimeter of your home.

Adds value to your property: A video intercom system is appealing to potential home buyers and can boost your property value.

Can potentially decrease your Insurance costs having the additional security measure in place.

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How Does Eximm Provide Complete Security When It Comes To Video Intercom System Installation?

Eximm provides complete installation of all your home security services, including video intercom system installation.

Whether your property is residential, commercial, body corporate, one storey or two-storey, we can install your system so that you can guarantee it’s fitted and working correctly. Eximm brings years of experience installing complete security solutions along with property maintenance services to take care of all your property needs. 

From helping you select your video intercom system to installation right through to maintenance checks and emergency repairs - Eximm can do it all for you. Our skilled tradesmen are qualified and fully insured and provide installation services throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East QLD & Northern NSW for video intercoms and alarm systems. 

Why Choose Eximm For Video Intercom Systems?

Eximm provides specialist security services and comprehensive security packages to protect your home or business. From security alarm systems, CCTV, smoke & fire detection alarms, and video intercom systems, our team of security experts have a proven record of delivering efficient, reliable, and high quality security that will safeguard all your assets, including your property, employees or family. 

At Eximm, we take a serious approach to the safety and security of your home or property and treat it like our own. Alongside superior security and alarm systems, we also provide our clients in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern NSW, and greater Queensland regions with additional services including 24/7 back to base alarm monitoring, mobile patrols, and alarm responses. 

Other Security Services Eximm provide include:

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Audio Intercom System

An audio intercom system for your property can provide an added layer of protection. It allows for one and two-way communication in audio format. This means that someone can speak into a microphone or speaker to someone in a different room or outside the property. Generally, the owner will have an audio intercom system installed at the door or entrance gate. This makes it easy to screen visitors and speak with people without having to open the door or gate. 

Utilising an audio intercom system eliminates the chance of unwanted visitors entering your property, and can be a great bit of security especially for homes with kids in the house. 

Eximm security provides a range of security services and property maintenance services to keep your property secure. 

We supply and install a range of audio intercom systems including intercom systems for small units and apartments to multi-living complexes. From wired to wireless systems, as well as audio intercoms with video intercom capacity, an intercom provides security for a wide range of residents and residential properties.

We are also here to help service existing audio intercom systems in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East QLD & Northern NSW regions. 

What Are The Benefits Of Audio Intercom Systems?

Homeowners can add extra security and protection to their assets and family or employees. Before permitting anyone entry into your property, you can first identify their purpose for being there. For elderly residents or people living on their own, this can provide peace of mind. Other benefits of an audio intercom system include:

  • Restricting access to only guests who are permitted
  • Easy to use communication between inside and outside
  • Can increase property value
  • Can provide evidence to authorities if a break-in attempt occurs
  • Could potentially lower your Insurance costs

An audio intercom system is also an effective crime deterrent. Intruders can rethink accessing your property if they notice an intercom system at the entrance. 

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How Does Eximm Provide Complete Security When It Comes To Audio Intercom System Installation?

Eximm provides complete specialist residential and commercial security solutions that include helping you to choose and install an audio intercom system for your property.

Our expert team has a proven track record of delivering a comprehensive security and monitoring solution to keep your property safe. From ongoing maintenance to 24/7 patrols and alarm responses, our team of professionals look after your property as if it’s our own.

When we help you to select your audio intercom system we will also speak with you to discuss your options for additional integrated security solutions if you desire more protection. Once installed, you can rely on us to keep your intercom in working order. 

Why Choose Eximm For Audio Intercom Systems?

Choosing Eximm to assist you in selecting and installing your audio intercom system means you are getting a team of security experts who specialise in residential and commercial property security. 

Eximm are leading providers and installers of security equipment and services including audio intercom systems in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We have a long history of achieving successful security solutions for all types of properties. Whether you require security patrols, maintenance, CCTV solutions, or fire alarm installations, we can help. Call: 1300 225 539

Other Security Services Eximm provide include:


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Security Specials


Bosch 3000 Wireless Alarm System

1 x Solution 3000 control Panel
1 x 8 Zone LCD Codepad White
1 x Radion Wireless Receiver
2 x Wireless Four button Keyfob
2 x Wireless PIR
1 x Wireless External Siren & Strobe

Supply & Installation Program, Test & Training Included


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Prices indicated are a starting from baseprice and may vary according to site requirements. A free Site visit is required for a site-specific tailored quote. Price includes gst.


HiLook CCTV System

1 x 4 Channel NVR with 1TB Hard Drive
1 x 24 inch CCTV monitor 
4 x 4MP IP Cameras


Supply & Installation Program, Test & Training Included


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Prices indicated are a starting from base price and may vary according to site requirements. A free Site visit is required for a site-specific tailored quote. Price includes gst.


Fermvision Video Intercom

1 x Video Door Station
1 x 7” Touchscreen Monitor with Wifi


Supply & Installation of cables
Program, Test & Training


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Prices indicated are a starting from base price and may vary according to site requirements. A free Site visit is required for a site-specific tailored quote. Price includes gst.


What are the benefits of house alarm systems?

House alarm systems offer peace of mind. Regardless of where you are, you always know that your home is being watched. You can travel whenever you want to and enjoy restful nights at home. House alarm systems boost the protection of your home and enable you to control your household from your phone.

Security System

If I have pets, can I have an alarm system installed? Can I have my pets inside if I have an alarm system?

Eximm can provide alarm systems that come with the option of Pet immune detectors. This way your small pets/animals in most circumstances will not be detected. You can test this when you get an alarm system installed let your pet run around in front of the detectors to make sure they aren’t detected. Even when your alarm system isn’t armed, the detector will still have a small red light show when it sees motion.

I am a tenant can I install an alarm?

Yes, but only with the authorisation of the owner.  Eximm has systems that are wireless and therefore ideal for tenants renting premises. When you move, the system can then move with you.  Alternatively, you would need to contact the agent or owner of the property to get their consent to install a hard-wired system.

I am a tenant, I need a service or code changes done on my alarm system, who is responsible for payment?

This is something you will need to discuss with the real estate or owner prior to contacting our office that way we can schedule you in at a preferred day and time that suits as quickly as possible.

Does Eximm cover my area?

Absolutely, Eximm provides security solutions Australia wide.

How does having an alarm system installed affect my insurance?

When you have a security system, insurers see your home or business as less of a risk of break-ins, which means you will be less likely to make a claim. Installing and having a monitored Eximm security alarm system will help reduce your insurance premiums. Security alarms are one of the best deterrents of intruders.

Does Eximm supply Security Systems or equipment as a Wholesaler or retailer direct to the public?

No, all of our security alarm systems and equipment are supplied and installed on site by our qualified & professional Security Technicians.



How often should I service my alarm?

Australian standard is to service your alarm system at least once a year. Why not ask about setting up an automatic service schedule so you don’t have to remember, we will contact you when your service is due.

Why should I test my alarm regularly?

It is highly recommended that you should test your alarm system at least once a month if you are using it often.  If you only use it when you are away from the house for extended periods or on holidays etc, always test your alarm before leaving and advise the Eximm office in writing that you will be away for a length of time.

How much does a service cost during business hours and outside of business hours?

Contact our security service team today on 1300 CALL EXIMM to find out our service rates.

Can I choose to change my alarm battery myself?

Alarm systems are very reliable, but sometimes they need maintenance to function at their best. Changing the batteries in your security systems is one of these maintenance tasks Eximm can take care of for you by one of our trained, qualified licensed technicians. Technology may not be your strong suit, but luckily, it doesn't have to be, let us do the work for you.

Can I choose to do code changes myself?

It is strongly recommended that you don’t attempt to make the changes yourself as these codes were originally programmed by a qualified and licensed technician. Any programming errors you make may wipe the entire system and cost you more in the long run having to have the system reconfigured so you can use it again.

As a security precaution, how often should we have our codes changed?

User codes should be changed during the course of the year, but not so much that you forget the code. Also when staff leave or you move into a new property with an alarm system installed.



What if my alarm loses power because of a power fail?

Every alarm system from Eximm comes with a backup battery already installed. This means during a power interruption the alarm system will automatically switch to the backup battery.  The battery will keep your alarm system powered for a period of time, depending on how much you use the system during this time. After the mains power comes back on, the alarm system will begin recharging the backup battery until it is at full power again. During this time the alarm system will report that the battery is low until fully charged.

What are some of the reasons why my security system has lost power? What can I check?

  • Energy provider failure in your area
  • Blown fuse on the premise
  • Power point has failed
  • Cleaner removed the power supply/pack
  • Power pack has come loose in the socket or has accidentally been removed
  • Power pack has failed

If you are experiencing a power outage in your area there is nothing you can do until power has been restored. If your power is off for several days, your alarm panel may require minor reprogramming after the power has been restored, we will alert you to any outstanding issues and we can schedule a service for you.

An electrician may be required if you cannot restore mains power to the premises. In the event that you cannot restore mains power to the security system but have mains power available at the security system’s power point, please call Eximm 1300 225 539 to troubleshoot your system, to discuss the alternatives and to book a service technician.

A service fee will apply.

How long will my battery last during/after a power fail?

This does depend a lot on how old the battery is and how many power interruptions you have had in the past, generally up to 48 hours, however if we monitor your alarm, we will alert you of any low battery’s or battery failure that does not restore.

What does sensor trouble mean?

This signal is a non-alarm event that indicates that a sensor circuit is not complete. A Sensor Trouble renders the particular circuit inoperative and no longer able to provide security as required. This could be caused by a fault with the cabling, the sensor or the security system’s main board or more often than not a device on the circuit may simply not have been secured correctly when the security system was armed. Most common cause is a door not closed properly. A sensor trouble is often caused in error.

What does a missed test call mean?

A test call is a signal that is sent from your security system to Eximm to check that it is communicating correctly to our central station. A Test Call Not Received signal is generated when your alarm panel fails to send this signal within the programmed time frame. Regular test calls are required to identify any possible communications issues that may exist with your alarm panel, and to notify you that Eximm is not currently able to receive signals from your alarm panel. Further follow up maybe required on your behalf.

Possible causes for a missed test call:

  • A recent power failure and battery fail that caused the panel to completely shut down
  • A recent power failure that caused the panel to lose its time and date, which will stop the timer test being sent
  • Poor Signal Strength
  • Issues with the Sim Card (damaged, not topped up if a GSM device)
  • Wilful or accidental damage, poor location, or obstruction to GSM/GPRS Communicator antenna
  • Damage and or faulty connected leader to panel and communicator
  • Telecommunications company network problems
  • (Network Signal Issues or Network Outage)



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