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Get your Property ready for storm season

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Posted at 10 October 18

As we all know, summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes storm season!

Is your property ready for storm season? Are your gutters free of leaves and debris? Have you checked your drains, had your trees trimmed, removed rubbish laying around your yard?
Eximm can take care of these problems for you. With the constant danger of lightning strikes and flooding on the Gold Coast, you should start preparing your property before major damage occurs.

Lightning expert Grant Kirkby claims “the Gold Coast has a higher ground flash density (strike rate) than most cities due to its tropical climate”. According to Kirby, the Gold Coast experiences about four strikes per square kilometre, combined with 40-60 thunder days per year.

Remember when the Q1 was struck by lightning? On that very day, Energex reported over 265,000 lightning strikes on the Gold Coast alone!

With storm season just around the corner, it’s better to be pro-active than reactive. To stay prepared for storm season, check out this comprehensive Preparation List provided by the Gold Coast City Council: CLICK HERE



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