Upgrade Your Outdated CCTV System: Achieve Digital Quality Using Your Existing Coax Cable

Coax cable plugged into electronic security device.

If you have an old coax cable analogue CCTV camera system that’s no longer functioning properly, you might be missing vital footage and exposing yourself to potential litigation risks. Upgrading to a new digital IP system can seem daunting and expensive, but there’s a cost-effective solution available.

Many businesses, especially resorts, rely on CCTV systems for security and legal protection. However, older systems often suffer from poor picture quality, unreliable footage, and a lack of technical support. Inadequate CCTV monitoring can leave your property vulnerable and fail to meet legal and liability requirements. Replacing your old analogue system with another analogue one might seem like the easiest option, but this means investing in outdated technology with substandard performance.

Instead, consider upgrading to High-Definition Transport Video Interface (HD TVI) technology. HD TVI technology converts digital signals into analogue, providing high-definition quality while using your existing coax cable infrastructure. This means you can achieve modern, high-definition surveillance without the expense and hassle of completely overhauling your cabling system.

HD TVI compliant cameras and DVR products, integrate seamlessly over coax cables. They offer up to 500 meters of distance from the camera to the recorder, ensuring robust coverage for your property. If your coax cable is still in good condition, you can simply replace your analogue cameras and DVR system with new HD TVI equipment. This upgrade will provide you with a 1080P CCTV system, delivering outstanding picture quality and significant savings on cable and installation costs.

Moreover, this setup allows for future upgrades to even higher definitions as needed. It also offers the flexibility to integrate any IP camera and CAT5 cable system with the HD TVI recorder, ensuring you maintain high-quality surveillance.

Upgrading to the latest technology doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. By leveraging your existing coax cables and installing HD TVI equipment, you can significantly enhance your CCTV system’s performance and reliability.

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