Secure your home against burglars

A burglar trying to get access into a property using a crowbar to pry a window open at night.

Get quality doors and locks
One of the most common entry points to your property is the front door. Invest in solid doors and deadbolt locks to make it harder for a burglar to get in. Burglars are quite proficient at picking locks but if you’re front door is taking too long, they will move on.

Maintain your garden
Cut down tall grass, trim overgrown bushes, and remove rubbish and debris. In doing so, it’ll make your home look less vulnerable and avoid the impression that no one is home. Doing so will also increase visibility which helps decrease the chances of a burglar targeting your home. Take it one step further and add security yard signs to deter intruders.

Install a Security System
A security system will always be the best way to keep your home secure. Those nasty intruders tend to avoid homes armed with surveillance systems, to avoid risking their identities. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right security system for your home.
Secure your home prior to going on vacation
If you’re planning a trip, it’s a good idea to avoid advertising your plans, including dates you’re away, on social media. Limit the number of people that know you’ll be away, and if possible, have a friend or relative collect newspapers and mail. In doing so, you’re telling any potential intruder that you’re home (even though you’re not).

Keep expensive items out of sight
K eep your valuable items away from prying eyes. Your flat screen TV shouldn’t be visible from the street. Boxes of newly purchased products or appliances should be broken down before being thrown in the bin. Burglars are infamous for scouting their targets home before actually breaking in.