12 Best Holiday Security Tips

Suitcases packed and ready to go on holiday waiting at front door step of property.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Property Safe and Secure whilst on Vacation

Bags packed and ready for the family vacation? 🌴 Make sure your property is safe & secure while your gone with these 12 Best Holiday Security Tips we’ve compiled. 😀

1) Avoid Mailbox overflow

Arrange for a trusted friend or family member to collect your mail for you or place a temporary forward with Australia Post till you return if you’re intending on a lengthy vacation. This will make it look like your home is occupied whilst you are away.

2) Keep Gates Locked

If you have a gate to your backyard, keep it locked. Keeping your back gate locked increases the length of time it will take for a burglar to attempt to break in. If a burglar thinks your home will take too long to get into, they will most likely try to find an easier target.⁠

3) Install Outdoor Sensor Lighting

If you don’t want to leave security lights on throughout the night, keep your property well-lit with Motion Sensor Lighting. Criminals are more likely to target homes that are not well it. Outdoor lighting will increase visibility for any suspicious activity for your neighbours and help to deter burglars.

4) Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Keep expensive outdoor furniture or equipment out of sight &locked away. Don’t leave them in easily accessible areas of your yard.

5) Angle Your Cameras At Access Points

Ensure Security Cameras are angled to capture your main front and back entrances but also your storage shed so in the event you are targeted in a robbery you will have the evidence to assist authorities in identifying the perpetrator.

6) Lock All Of Your Access Points

Ensure all windows and doors are locked including sliding glass doors and small high windows to bathrooms and toilets.

7) Don’t Broadcast Your Travel Plans

Try to resist publicly announcing your away on holidays on social media and save uploading the happy snaps till when you’ve safely returned home.

8) Hide Your Spare Key

Don’t leave spare keys in an obvious location. i.e. under the door mat, potted plant or on top of the door frame. Try to find a location away from the door entry or invest in a key safe combination lock.

9) Prevent Window Shoppers

Use curtains, blinds, or privacy film on the glass to obstruct people’s view from the outside and prevent any instances of “window shopping.” What an outsider can’t see will not tempt them!

10) Neighbourhood Watch

Introduce yourself to the neighbours and let them know your going away. Good neighbours will keep an eye on your house and will notice unfamiliar vehicles or visitors and notify you and if needed Authorities.

11) Notify Your Security Monitoring Centre

Remember to alert your 24/7 security monitoring centre of your planned travel dates and the best contact number for you should there be any triggered alerts or suspect intrusions at your property in your absence.

12) Service Your Security System

Ensure your security system is reporting and functioning properly before going away with a maintenance service booking by a professional Security Technician.

By following these tips, you can embark on your vacation with confidence, knowing your home is well-protected.