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& Guess What? We now accept Certegy Ezi-Pay

Domestic & Commercial Alarm Systems | Gold Coast and Brisbane
Eximm provides installation services throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane for Alarm Systems, including the servicing of existing systems.

24/7 Back to base Alarm Monitoring | Gold Coast and Brisbane 
Our state of the art control room receives incoming signals from your alarm system through normal phone lines and a GSM (mobile technology) backup system. This system allows for armings, disarmings, activations, and regular system tests reported directly to us. From this, our trained operators analyse the information and act accordingly. We are then able to dispatch security personnel immediately, or allow you to check for yourself. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring caters to your security needs.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) Installations | Gold Coast and Brisbane
Sometimes just having an alarm system doesn't deter determined criminals. Surveillance system technology provides our Gold Coast and Brisbane clients with greater coverage and security. Our stand alone Digital Video Recorders are capable of recording hundreds of hours of camera footage, from multiple camera sources. Our newer systems can even be remotely controlled via the internet and local computer networks.

3 Months Free Monitoring | Based on a 2 year contract  

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Risco Wireless Alarm System
$1973.00 ex GST

Hikvision CCTV System
$2495.00 ex GST

Risco Wired Alarm System
$1295.00 ex GST
  • - 1 x alarm control panel
  • - 1 x LCD keypad
  • - 1 x backup battery
  • - 1 x external siren with blue strobe
  • - 2 x wireless, 4-button key fobs
  • - 1 x power supply
  • - 4 x wireless motion detectors
  • - 1 x IP module for monitoring
  • - 4 x high resolution cameras
  • - 1 x 4-channel NVR with 2TB hard drive
  • - 1 x 20" LED monitor
  • - HIK connect app for remote viewing

  • - 1 x alarm control panel
  • - 1 x LCD keypad
  • - 1 x backup battery
  • - 1 x internal siren
  • - 1 x external siren with blue strobe
  • - 1 x power supply
  • - 4 x quad motion detectors
  • - 1 x IP module for monitoring
Exclusions / conditions: Power point required adjacent to main panel location. Price based on a single story home in Gold Coast metropolitan area only with adequate roof access. App based services require an internal data point, active internet connection and an ethernet communicator for the alarm system.  Special offer price is subject to final quotation and subject to change without notice.”  Security License No: 60000672


EZI-PAY Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan option through Certegy Ezi-Pay so you can make a purchase and pay for it over time in convenient fortnightly installments. 

Call us today to discuss your payment requirements on 1300 225 539